Capturing the beauty of your child, your family or yourself is my job.  I try my best to make it easy for you.  As a mother of two young boys, I have oodles of experience calming newborns, playing peek a boo with babies, and chasing toddlers.   I also worked in my previous life as a special education teacher in both elementary and middle school, so I honestly feel quite well prepared to do just about anything!   I know photo sessions can be hard for little ones and for ourselves, and I strive to make it a positive experience.   I work with clients in the comfort of their home (travel studio, included), in a Denver studio, out and about in town,  or in my favorite place in the world, out in the landscape of the world we were meant to live in.


Your family brings breath into your home and makes it a beautiful place where life happens.  It’s beautiful, messy, hilarious and sweet.  I love to give you a glimpse of the beauty created by your life.   This day, this age, this feeling, we know can’t last forever. Everything passes; that is why it is so beautiful.  Just the way it is.


Some of my favorite clients are my very smallest ones.  They remind me each and every time I hold their tiny and miraculous bodies, how inconceivable life is.  Such beauty and joy in these little beings.

I exclusively work with newborns in their own homes, and aim to shoot within the first 10 days of life.  Newborn babies are still quite sleepy and will easily curl into position. Families are usually exhausted (rightfully so!), so I bring my studio to your home.   Newborns stay happy and warm in the comfort of their homes, with plenty of time for feeding and comforting in a familiar place.  Parents are free to rest in their jammies or decide join the fun.  Newborn sessions are generally a mix of posed and lifestyle.  All sessions are two hours long.


A child’s first year flies by quickly.  A great time for babyhood photos is between 5 and 10 months.  And then of course, 1 year!  Bigger babies can hold their heads up, sit (propped, if needed),  and crawl.  These babies are happy to explore in or outside of the home and are full of expression and charm.  First year packages are available upon request.


As my own two children grow bigger and brighter, so do their dreams and personalities.  I love to capture toddlers and big kids as who they are…silly, loving, strong and fierce.  Whether we are creating a stylized dreamscape of superheroes, planning a mission to mars, or having a tea party with our furriest friends, the creativity and spirit of these children is endless and so are the possibilities for beautiful, joyful, spirited childhood sessions.


It’s the best part of my life.  I bet it is for you too.  So let’s document this beautiful thing we have!  Family sessions are so lovely.  I love to play with your kids, see you make them laugh, and create beautiful images that capture the essence of your family.  We are blessed to call beautiful Colorado home and it’s my favorite place to take photos. Family outdoor sessions are best in late spring, summer or fall.  Reserve far in advance for October bookings.