I grew up as a little girl in pictures that my dad took and developed in our basement darkroom. I lucked out with supportive parents who encouraged me to experiment with photography and didn’t flinch when I worked toward a degree in Fine Arts. I found myself drawn again and again to the stories told by images…the deep stories told by another’s eyes, a touch, or movement.

When my first son, Noah, was born in 2011, I found the most beautiful subject to photograph.  I could pause time for a moment, a split second…and hold onto it.  I have pieces of his babyhood, his toddlerhood, his younger brother’s birth.  But time continues to march on, so these days,  I grab my camera quickly.

I capture life in naturally lit, beautiful, and real images.  I work within your landscape of home (lifestyle and newborn) or within the beautiful Colorado landscape.  When outdoors, I work to capture children as beings of the natural world, with a little whimsy that comes with the spirit of being a child and having big dreams.  When documenting your life at home, the heart of our lives, I try my best to find those sweet, honest moments in life: the grasp of a newborn baby, a beaming smile from a toddler, or a laugh between members of a family. I am easy to work with, have infinite patience, and have no shame in the silly things I do to get a natural smile.

Currently, when I am not wrangling my own two crazy boys,  I work as a photographer in Louisville and beyond in beautiful Colorado.  I specialize in maternity, newborn, children, and family photography.